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Gary Olson Responds to IP Survey

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New Book Provides Answers to Help Ease the Broadcast
Facility Transition to IP


Concept Development

Working as members of the team we assist in building the business case for your
technology initiative.

We begin by understanding the drivers behind your business challenges to help
shape the vision and goals for your initiative.

By undertaking a thorough needs and workflow analysis we assess the impact
on your business processes, technology architecture and operations.

We help build consensus for the solution, critical for the success of any project.

Strategic Planning

Our process takes your vision and goals and transforms them into an understandable
and achievable plan.

To insure sustainability over time, we anticipate and take into account the
increasing rapid pace of change in technology.

We architect solutions and develop the capital and operating budgets consistent
with organizational strategies, priorities and constraints.

We work closely with key management and other stakeholders to coordinate the financial
goals, manage expectations and identify appropriate technology for
the initiative.

We develop a complete project plan, implementation strategy including a definition
of the metrics for success.


We are objective and unbiased as we identify best of breed resources,
technology, systems, applications and services appropriate for serving your
business needs.

Success is defined as the development of a comprehensive design consistent
with the architecture and project plan.

Our design process includes an assessment of buy vs. build alternatives.


Implementation includes developing the technical operations requirements
supporting new business systems & services.

We identify appropriate resources, manage schedules and budgets and coordinate
the bid process.

We develop bid specifications, identify specific deliverables for achievable milestones.


Project rollout success requires new methodologies and workflows to maximize
the effectiveness of the new systems.

The introduction of new systems requires business process changes identified early
in Strategic Planning and a change management program that includes training and
detailed "go live" planning.

Buy the Book:

link to Planning and Designing the IP Broadcast Facility A New Puzzle to Solve "To my knowledge this is the first attempt by anyone to document the changing technology in broadcast engineering. Gary does it very well; it could finish up as the industry bible on the subject."
- David MacGregor, Chairman, TSL, UK

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