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CONCACAF - Digital Media Production and Distribution

Thirteen/WNET - Broadcast Facility Relocation


Microsoft - Windows Digital Media Division

As the Product Unit Manager for the Windows Extensions Business Andy had
overall responsibility for the P&L, business planning, marketing, operations,
distribution, pricing, including staff & resource development. He managed the
product development organization that defined, built, and shipped new revenue
generating Digital Media-based businesses, including Microsoft Digital Broadcast
Manager (DBM) and Windows Plus product family. Each product required creating
internal infrastructure and operations for the online sales of software. This was
the first time Microsoft sold software directly online. The DBM enabled Application
Service Providers entering the online media distribution business to more easily
apply Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology to package and administer
the distribution of their content. The use of Digital Rights Management in a
product was a first for Microsoft and an early industry effort aimed at jumpstarting
online media distribution.

Microsoft consolidated an array of Digital Media technology investments scattered
throughout the company for shipping with Windows XP. It also wanted to generate
additional ROI for the new commitment to digital media. Andy was tasked with
developing a business plan and the software for leveraging the digital media
investments to generate revenue in addition to Windows. He led the creation of a
new P&L business plan for selling software online, generating revenue as a percent
of customer transactions. Selling software online in a transaction-based business
model was a first for Microsoft. Andy led the team that in less than 12 months defined
the vision, developed business models & plan, built a team to 35+ and shipped its first
product; less than 1 year later the team shipped a second product.

CONCOCAF - Digital Media Production and Distribution

The Confederation of North, Central Americas and Caribbean Association Football,
governs soccer for forty (40) countries with headquarters in New York City. The
General Secretary was interested in enabling games not typically broadcast from
member countries to be viewed throughout the confederation. Gary was engaged
as the Technology strategist and architect to plan and design one of the first
all file based 1080i HD production and broadband distribution facilities specifically
designed to deliver media to the internet, portable multimedia devices and mobile
wireless. The facility has all systems fully integrated and networked with multi-platform
file storage systems integrated and managed across the network. Some of the interesting
challenges were integrating across digital media technologies and asset management.

Microsoft - Public Policy

As Senior Director for Technical Policy at Microsoft Andy developed many skills
and gained invaluable experience applicable to Olson-Moss clients. Many of our clients
face similar challenges from events in the public policy world. The Technology, Media
and Communications industries are undergoing dramatic changes technically, business-wise
and from a regulatory perspective. For Microsoft, Andy led the effort shaping strategy and
positioning to guide executive representation on strategic technical public policy issues.
His involvement included ongoing interaction with Congress, the FCC & FTC and other
government entities, partners, and key influential advocates. The objective was to educate
policy makers on industry direction providing a sense of technology vision, outlining
potential consumer impact, and IT industry economic incentives implicated by policies
under consideration. To successfully craft a meaningful strategy it was critical to work
across divisional boundaries driving alignment on goals and positions. In addition,
creating a feedback loop impacting future business and product planning priorities was
very successful.

Technology has increasingly become a focus in public policy venues around the world.
Microsoft was facing tight scrutiny from the government and competitive challenges from
across other industries. Older non-technology industries have long histories using
public policy as an integral part of their business strategy. To face this challenge,
Microsoft created a new position focused on Technical Public Policy specifically
leveraging Andy's diverse background. His technical background, experience managing
technology businesses combined with a deep understanding of developing interpersonal
relationships honed while running the consulting operation provided the right combination
to compliment the legal resources working on behalf of the company.

Andy was responsible for developing and managing complex partner relationships in the
technology, media, and telecom industries. His focus was on risk assessment and business
impact analysis. A range of public policy issues challenged Microsoft strategic directions
for the Windows and Entertainment Divisions. As a result of Andy's efforts, Microsoft saved
several hundred million dollars in operating expenses. Some of the policy topics included
Intellectual Property and Content Protection, Digital Broadcasting (TV and Radio), Broadband
and Telecom Reform. Andy also served as lead negotiator for inter-industry efforts attempting
to drive alignment within and across industries on policy positions. In addition, he had the
opportunity to serve as a public spokesperson for the company regarding a range of technical
policy topics.

Thirteen/WNET - Broadcast Facility Relocation

Thirteen had outgrown their broadcast center on West 58th Street. While engaged in
upgrading the broadcast facilities, an opportunity to relocate appeared. Gary was asked
to create a strategy and develop the requirements and cost requirements for a new
broadcast center. Becoming a member of their senior management group, Gary assisted
in identifying and locating a new home. Once a new location was found the relocation
project was given a timeline of six months for the all design, construction and technology
integration. The new home was 200,000Sqft with 50, 000Sqft of broadcast operations.

Gary and his team were retained as the owner's representative for technology and
technical systems. While the management and staff had the responsibility to stay on
the air, Gary had the responsibility to manage the design process with the architects
for technical spaces and systems, this included building satellite and microwave services
on the building roof and bringing in new telephone and fiber optic broadcast services.

Gary and his team developed the specifications for all the technology, broadcast,
production, IT and telephone technology. Gary negotiated strategic partnerships with
technology vendors that saved the client considerable money. With the project on fast
track, Gary managed all the bid specifications, negotiations and contract award. We were
part of the construction management team, and had full responsibility to manage all the
for all technology implementation. As this was progressing we were also managing the
design and upgrade of the transmitters. The new broadcast center was designed as digital
and HD ready, support multi-channel origination, fully automated origination and computer
based editing.

Thirteen went live in the new broadcast center on time and on budget.

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