Strategic initiatives need a sound vision.
We help define or implement your vision
for generating business growth.

Start to Finish
Deliver tangible results; taking projects
from concept to completion. Beginning with
an initial vision through the development
and deployment phases we provide management
and continuity for successful implementation
and rollout.

We create a comfortable level of communication
between business units and all stakeholders;
senior management, finance, project management
and technology groups. A common understanding of
goals promotes clear accountability throughout the project.

Skills & Expertise
Our collective backgrounds are a unique
blend of knowledge and experiences in software
development, broadcast systems, IT architecture,
communication systems architecture, digital media
systems, gaming, asset management, and public policy
as it applies to digital media, software, and
communications technologies.

Diverse Perspective
We’ve developed a broad understanding beyond
just technology to think about how an MBA might
perceive your business, an accountant might crunch
the numbers and even how events in the public policy
world could impact your business.

  Gary Olson

Gary is a leading technology strategist in the information and
communication media technology industries. Gary has lead the
company as strategist, designer and project manager for a variety
of communication and information technology projects. As the
company visionary, Gary guides the firm in the development of
start-up businesses in new technology. His extensive skills in project
management and problem solving for technology based projects
domestically and internationally has brought success to all of his clients.

Gary has been directly involved in a number of projects, these include
the first commercial television networks in Eastern European countries,
development of "SmartPhone", a touch screen interactive telephone for
AT&T network systems and global interactive networks using
Internet based applications.

Gary's participation in projects ranges from the strategic planning
through conceptual development, design and project management.
He provides business development, budget and staffing models for
start-up operations.

As an early designer of interactive applications, Gary has created
new information networks using broadcast and broadband technologies,
and recently has been working in new media and broadband
technologies in creating new types of rich media content
distribution networks.

Gary's experience includes being involved in the Research and
Development of Teletext for the US market, the design of the
first private satellite teleconferencing network (Merrill Lynch, AT&T)
and as one of the designers for the video fiber optic network in
New York City for Teleport Communications. Gary has lectured
at the MIT Sloan School of Business, is a Member of NAB,
SMPTE and IEEE BSEE - New York Institute of Technology -
Westbury NY